Grab your coat and get your hat, ‘cos it’s time for The Jelly Roll Jazz Band’s second album!

Recorded live in concert, this C.D. showcases ten more masterpieces of traditional jazz, guaranteed to brighten up any rainy day. From the sweltering swing of ‘I Wan’na Be Like You’ to the lilting melodies of ‘My Sweetie Went Away’, there is something here to put a smile on the face of even the most miserable dullard in your life.

Gasp in wonder as the band use the laws of probability to assemble their set list. Marvel as they use the power of suggestion to cajole an entire audience into shouting ‘ONIONS!’ in perfect unison. Despair as they attempt to turn an unassuming piece of bubble wrap into a musical instrument.

Also included on the C.D. is a selection of hilarious banter introducing the songs, preserved from the live performance. Furthermore, this is the only place IN THE UNIVERSE where you can obtain the complete three-part set of ‘Ben Vocalisations’!

The cover artwork alone is worthy of gallery display, featuring as it does a specially-commissioned painting by upcoming artist James ‘Hummus’ Ure. The case is made of cardboard, so when you get sick of it you can probably throw it in the recycling and thus avoid the crippling guilt associated with contributing to the demise of the planet’s ecosystems. If When the C.D. itself no longer brings you any joy, you can even hang it over your allotment to act as a crow deterrent or something.

With all these wonderful features and many more, can you honestly afford not to buy as many copies as your disposable income will allow?

The answer is ‘no’.

Michael A. Grant: Spoons/vocals/bubble wrap/clarinet
Dan Wackett: Banjo
Ben Sarney: Double bass


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